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       on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts


The 2021 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts

July 8-10, 2021, Virtual Conference

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Last updated on June 15, 2021. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday July 8, 2021

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Plenary Session (1) Plenary Session
Chair: Hasegawa, YasuhisaNagoya University
09:00-10:00, Paper ThPlA.1 
Cybernics and Its Social Impacts

Sankai, Yoshiyuki (University of Tsukuba)
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Social Robot (1) Regular Session
Chair: Suzuki, TakuoAichi Prefectural University
Co-Chair: Aoyama, TadayoshiNagoya University
10:30-10:45, Paper Th1A.1 
Towards Practical Deployment of a Robotic Mobile System for Early Detection of Cerebral Palsy in Infants

Emeli, Victor (Georgia Institute of Technology), Howard, Ayanna (Georgia Institute of Technology)
10:45-11:00, Paper Th1A.2 
Aiding Emergency Evacuations Using Obstacle-Aware Path Clearing

Nayyar, Mollik (The Pennsylvania State University), Wagner, Alan Richard (Penn State University)
11:00-11:15, Paper Th1A.3 
Learning a Robot's Social Obligations from Comparisons of Observed Behavior

Shea-Blymyer, Colin (Oregon State University), Abbas, Houssam (Oregon State University)
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Selected Papers' Session Regular Session
Chair: Mochiyama, HiromiUniversity of Tsukuba
13:00-13:20, Paper ThSA.1 
Can't Hide Your Disappointment: Using Human Pose and Facial Cues for Intent Prediction in a Target Game

Surendran, Vidullan (Pennsylvania State University), Wagner, Alan (Penn State University)
13:20-13:40, Paper ThSA.2 
Key Practices for Welfare Robots Provision: Assessment Framework and Participation

Yasuoka, Mika (Roskilde University), Homma, Keiko (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Scienceand Technology), Akutsu, Yasuko (Chiba University Hospital), Matsumoto, Yoshio (AIST)
13:40-14:00, Paper ThSA.3 
The Effect of Conceptual Embodiment on Human-Robot Trust During a Youth Emotion Classification Task

Bryant, De'Aira (Georgia Institute of Technology), Xu, Jin (Georgia Institute of Technology), Rogers, Kantwon (Georgia Institute of Technology), Howard, Ayanna (Georgia Institute of Technology)
14:00-14:20, Paper ThSA.4 
On Ethical Challenges Raised by Care Robots: A Review of the Existing Regulatory-, Theoretical and Research Gaps

Saplacan, Diana (University of Oslo), Khaksar, Weria (University of Oslo), Torresen, Jim (University of Oslo)
14:20-14:40, Paper ThSA.5 
Socially Fair Coverage: The Fairness Problem in Coverage Planning and a New Anytime-Fair Method

Brandao, Martim (King's College London)
14:40-15:00, Paper ThSA.6 
A GAN-Based Approach to Communicative Gesture Generation for Social Robots

Tuyen, Nguyen Tan Viet (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Elibol, Armagan (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Chong, Nak Young (Japan Advanced Inst. of Sci. and Tech)
ThKA Live Streaming
Keynote (1), (2) Plenary Session
Chair: Wischniewski, SaschaFederal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA)
Co-Chair: Niitsuma, MihokoChuo University
15:30-16:15, Paper ThKA.1 
Facets of Anthropomorphism in Robotic Design - a Universal Remedy to Facilitate HRI?

Onnasch, Linda (Humboldt University of Berlin)
16:15-17:00, Paper ThKA.2 
Rethinking Smart City Governance: Why We Need Strategy, Policy, Regulation, and Especially Consensus

Kudo, Hiroko (Chuo University)
Th2A Live Streaming
Social Robot (2) Regular Session
Chair: Matsumoto, YoshioAIST
Co-Chair: Wada, KazuyoshiTokyo Metropolitan University
17:30-17:45, Paper Th2A.1 
Preferences of Seniors for Robots Delivering a Message with Congruent Approaching Behavior

van Otterdijk, Maria Theodorus Henricus (University of Oslo), Neggers, Margot (Eindhoven University of Technology), Torresen, Jim (University of Oslo), Barakova, Emilia I. (Eindhoven University of Technology)
17:45-18:00, Paper Th2A.2 
Rhythmic Body Movement Analysis for Robot-Based Music Therapy

Ma, Yi-Hsiang (WASEDA University), Lin, Jia-Yeu (Waseda University), Cosentino, Sarah (Waseda University), Takanishi, Atsuo (Waseda University)
18:00-18:15, Paper Th2A.3 
Influence of Personality Traits on Helping Behaviour in Human-Robot Interaction

Westhoven, Martin (Federal Institute for Occupational Health and Safety), Tegtmeier, Patricia (German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health BAuA)




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