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       on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts


The 2021 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts

July 8-10, 2021, Virtual Conference

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Last updated on June 15, 2021. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

ARSO 2021 Keyword Index

A   E   H   I   L   M   N   O   R   S   T  

Autonomous VehiclesFrOSA.1, FrPA.1, FrPA.6, FrPA.21
Education and Skill TransferSaOSA.3
Entertainment robotsFrPA.2, FrPA.19
HRI and social roboticsFrOSA.1, FrOSA.2, FrOSA.4, FrPA.3, FrPA.4, FrPA.26, FrPA.27, FrPA.29, SaOSA.1, SaOSA.4, SaOSA.7, SaOSA.8, Th1A.2, Th2A.1, Th2A.3, ThSA.1, ThSA.2, ThSA.3, ThSA.6
Human Movement ModelingFrPA.5, FrPA.28, FrPA.29, SaOSA.1
Human Vehicle InteractionFrOSA.1, FrPA.5, FrPA.6
Humanoid RobotsFr1A.2, FrOSA.2, FrOSA.4, FrPA.20, Th2A.1, ThSA.3
Industrial roboticsFr1A.1, FrPA.1, FrPA.21, FrPA.28, Sa1A.1, Sa1A.2
Intelligent robots for rehabilitationFrOSA.5, FrPA.7, SaOSA.1, SaOSA.2, Th1A.1, Th2A.2, ThSA.4
Intelligent robots for transportationFr1A.4, FrPA.6, FrPA.17
Legal and ethical regulations for AI and robotic systemsFrOSA.3, FrOSA.5, FrOSA.6, Th1A.3, ThSA.4, ThSA.5
Legal AspectsFrPA.25
Machine Learning and Robot LearningSaOSA.5, SaOSA.6, Th1A.1, Th1A.3, Th2A.2, ThSA.1, ThSA.6
Medical and healthcare roboticsFrOSA.5, FrPA.3, FrPA.7, FrPA.8, FrPA.9, FrPA.10, FrPA.11, FrPA.12, FrPA.13, FrPA.14, FrPA.22, FrPA.26, FrPA.27, Sa1A.3, SaOSA.2, SaOSA.3, Th1A.1, Th2A.1, ThSA.2, ThSA.4
Network & Cloud RoboticsFrOSA.3, FrPA.4, FrPA.14, FrPA.19, SaOSA.6, SaOSA.7
New Initiatives and Strategies for New IndustriesFrPA.23, FrPA.29
Off-road mobile robots, search and rescue robotsFr1A.2
Robot Vision and SensingFrPA.2, FrPA.15, FrPA.16, FrPA.24, FrPA.27, SaOSA.4, Th1A.2, Th2A.2, ThSA.1
Robotic education and robots for educationFrPA.16
Robotics for manufacturingFr1A.1, FrPA.17, FrPA.28, Sa1A.1, Sa1A.2
Robots in the Smart FactoryFr1A.1, FrPA.17
Service and assistive roboticsFr1A.3, Fr1A.4, FrPA.3, FrPA.4, FrPA.14, FrPA.18, FrPA.19, FrPA.20, FrPA.21, FrPA.22, FrPA.23, SaOSA.2, SaOSA.5, SaOSA.8, Th1A.2, Th2A.3
Socio-economic ImpactsFr1A.4, FrOSA.6, FrPA.23, FrPA.25, Sa1A.2, SaOSA.6, Th1A.3, ThSA.2, ThSA.5
The role of AI in the implementation of cognitive robotsFrOSA.2, FrOSA.4, FrPA.26, SaOSA.4, SaOSA.5, ThSA.3
Traceability and SafetyFrOSA.3, FrPA.1, FrPA.25




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